Monday, 27 April 2009

Le Castle Vania

Hailing from Atlanta, USA Le Castle Vania is under labels Always Never & So Sweet. Heres my personal favorite tune of his, check it out.

You can buy his music here!


Herve is under labels Cheap Thrills, Domino, Dubsided & Loungin'. Heres a remix hes done of The Temper Trap's track The Science of Fear.


Screendeath has produced an absolute belter of a remix of AC Slater's track Hello. Its all about the switch between the gentle atmospheric start to the drop in this tune. It reminds me of that scene in War of the Worlds where the tripod comes over the hill and starts obliterating all the people that franticly run towards the bridge.. Rolling bass, thrashing claps, wobbling distortion, Screendeath is one to watch.

Monday, 20 April 2009


Hostage is my hero, end of. This guy keeps throwing out mind bending, wobble madness Electro rave tracks time after time. Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland Hostage is under labels Nightshifters & Roccodisco. This is his new tune & its exactly what it says on the tin, Massive. Also make sure to download his new Heavy like Concrete mix here!

Don Rimini

Its been ages since i listened to any Don Rimini.. I remember finding this guy time ago when Crookers did a remix of Let Me Back Up. Under labels Mental Groove records & Delicious Gutter heres a new tune of his i picked up the other day thats an absolute banger of an Electro track. Its all about the kick at 2:12 lets go!

You can buy his music here!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Jack Beats

It wasnt going to be long before i posted a blog about Jack Beats.. tbh im surprised it took me so long! These guys are seriously next level.. Jack Beats are Plus One from Scratch Perverts & Beni G. Under the label Cheap Thrills the duo have produced some quality remixes of the likes of AC Slater, Boy 8-Bit, Kissy Sellout & Caspa. Check out their mini mix on their Myspace that they did recently for Annie Mac tis just plain silly.. anyways now let me show you how the Jack Beats rock!

You can buy their music here!


Formally known as Mellow.. Modek is under labels Keatchen Records & Monkey See Monkey Doo. This guy produces some seriously heavy Electro similar to the likes of Hostage & Proxy with thrashy beats, big drops and filthy rolling distorted wobble madness.. Hes about to release his next EP Kamikaze in the near future that has some absolute bangers in it thats going straight in my shopping cart..

You can buy his music here!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Pete Carvell / Gash DJs

Pete Carvell of Gash DJs signed to the label Gash Digital specializes in guitar ridden electronic dance music. I used to be well into the whole band scene growing up but i found electronics and quickly swayed away.. I heard this tune the other day and it seriously turned by head back into the whole Alternative scene. Punchy drums, distorted guitar, rebellious vocals and lets not forget the cowbell with that incredible Electro synth.. pure genius.

You can buy his music here!


Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium i found Gtronic a few days ago and cant wait to drop this tune on the weekend! Signed to Basserk records & Live-in Music he produces heavy jagged Electro that smashes the hell outa any dance floor.. He's produced remixes of the likes of Foamo's track Everything Cool and is about to release his new track called Slasher that cuts you up into little pieces.. literally.

You can buy his music here!

The Squire Of Gothos

Sheffield boys The Squire of Gothos produce sounds that are a cross between Speed Garage, Dubstep, Electro House, Grime and old school Hardcore. They have just released a remix of Kid606's Mr Wobble's Nightmare that is seriously off the hook! These guys are pioneers of fusion sounds i suggest you go see em.. their playing at Audio Discharge at Timbuk2 in Bristol 4th June where i shall see you at the front! Cant wait to hear more things from these guys.. heres a track from their recent Rave Lord EP that was released on Electrostimulation records that you can buy here!

Monday, 13 April 2009


Polymorphic hails from Russia and is signed to Turbo recordings and Coco Machete records. He has produced some sick remixes of the likes of Proxy's tracks Raven & Destroy. His sound makes me feel like im stuck in the middle of a war zone in the Terminator 2 movie with transformers kickin the crap outa me from above.. i expect more big things from this guy, deffo one to watch.

Here is his personal favorite tack of mine that you can buy here!


Proxy was my first major influence to blow me away and still to this day is in my top set of producers never budging from the top i like to play out regularly. Signed to Turbo recordings Proxy is about to release remixes of Tiga's What You Need (Different) at the end of April & Zombie Nation's Shottieville (Turbo) at the end of May. Lets have abit of a reminder of what this guy is capable of..

Imagine a giant purple monster munch stomping his massive feet through NYC ripping buildings apart with his hands DUR DUR DUR DUR.. Laser beams shooting out his eyes tearing up everything that stands before him.. Armies of soldiers, tanks and helicopters gunning franticly at him launching every single missile they have but everything just reflects and causes more chaos. This is the only way i can describe this quality tune.

You can buy his music here!