Monday, 13 April 2009


Proxy was my first major influence to blow me away and still to this day is in my top set of producers never budging from the top i like to play out regularly. Signed to Turbo recordings Proxy is about to release remixes of Tiga's What You Need (Different) at the end of April & Zombie Nation's Shottieville (Turbo) at the end of May. Lets have abit of a reminder of what this guy is capable of..

Imagine a giant purple monster munch stomping his massive feet through NYC ripping buildings apart with his hands DUR DUR DUR DUR.. Laser beams shooting out his eyes tearing up everything that stands before him.. Armies of soldiers, tanks and helicopters gunning franticly at him launching every single missile they have but everything just reflects and causes more chaos. This is the only way i can describe this quality tune.

You can buy his music here!

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